Forlet Sires – Journey Towards Ruin (Review)

Author: Craig Matthews

Doomy Atmospheric Black Metal; who doesn’t like to hear the sound track to the apocalypse?

Enter FORLET SIRES, a four piece formed in Switzerland in 2013. “Journey Towards Ruin” is their first album (which I just discovered can be acquired on a D.I.Y tape from their shows; Kudos there). So with an over exposed black and white photo as an album cover it’s hard to determine what the album holds in store, but that’s the beauty of black metal, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new guys can do.

And I’ve got to admit, they done pretty good. The guys certainly know their way around their instruments, the tone and guttural vocals of Kilian Schmid set the mood of a dark and hopeless world. Just the way we all like it! My one gripe is that the production could do with tidying up in some places especially in the first few tracks. But other than that, Solid

The first and title track “Journey Towards Ruin” throws you right into it, and straight away you can tell these guys are playing by their own rules, no images of frozen wastelands here, more like a holy shit I just woke up and the world ended! And that’s something that atmospheric metal needs. One thing that stands out to me about FORLET SIRES is that they are not afraid to experiment. Throughout the album they are constantly playing with the tempo and composition of their music to make each track sound just that bit different.  Sadly in some cases it doesn’t quite work as they planned.  Change is good, but in some songs it feels like they have played with it too much. This is a shame, because every track on the album starts out great.

My griping aside, sometimes they absolutely nail it. A very worthy mention is “The Peak Of Ease” in my opinion the best track on the album. The use of clean guitars alongside the bands usual hellish noise is a good example of the band pushing the boat out and is something I’d like to see more of from them.

All in all, a bloody good effort from a 3 year old band, they all play well together and I can see they have some good ideas; I’ll be keeping an eye open for them in the future! It’s a shame that some of their ‘experiments’ felt a little forced, we all like some variety in our lives but it needs to be more thought out, just randomly changing the pace makes it feel cobbled together. Which sadly dulls what should be a great experience .

3/5. First go, they did good

Track list
1. Journey Towards Ruin
2. Suffocating On Time
3. …And By Dawn There Will Be Sile…
4. The Peak Of Ease
5. Deadlocked
6. Worlds Collide

Band Members
Vocals – Kilian Schmid
Guitars – Tobias Kalt
Guitars – Sebastian Vogt
Drums – Daniele Brumana

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