Craig Matthews

From the Grim North of England we have our man, Lord Craig, Proud co – founder of Metalphobia. Starting out as a furnace man, forging iron in the fiery pits of his local town. 14753415_10157582302355585_823713381335068450_oHe sadly had a disagreement with some heavy machinery…which he catastrophically lost. Because of this he has become a temporary “man of leisure”, which has given him time to pursue a long-term love of his; metal music. This has been a love of his since his early teenage years, he has a special fondness of metal that you can march into battle swinging an axe to. He has also found himself with a love/hate relationship with horror films; love the adrenaline rush of being scared, hate the fact that jump scares make him leap to the ceiling. During a phone call with partner in crime and experienced music and film journalist Laura, the idea for Metalphobia was spawned, A blog to combine all our fiendish and creepy interests in one place, for all the lovers of darkness to enjoy.

There’s an expression from our Lords’ homeland, “You don’t get owt for nowt”.  Being from the most tight-fisted county in the UK he will be expecting the very best you can offer and will accept nothing else. You have been warned.


One-Stop Crypt For All Things Metal & Horror

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