1. Can I send you material to review?

Absolutely! We love getting sent material straight from the creators. Please see question 2 for what to include when sending us material.
Please note:
Currently there is a 2 week waiting time from receiving the material to the content being posted on our website. So please plan in advance if you wish to have the review available to fans before the release day. 

2. What do I include when sending you material to review?

Please refer to this checklist when sending us material to review:

For Albums and Musical Releases:

  • Album in .mp3 or .wav format in a zip file with titles clearly named and numbered.
    A direct streaming / download link
  • Album artwork. (Minimum dimensions 500 x 500px)
  • Short band bio
  • Release date of album

For Movies and Short Films:

  • Movie in .avi, .mkv or .mp4 format
    A direct streaming / download link
  • Cast list and Crew list
  • Movie cover (minimum 500px wide)
  • Short plot synopsis
  • Release date of movie

Please send a short email with these attachments to info@metalphobia.com
Please Note:
Failure to include any of these attachments may result in a delay with writing and publishing of the review.

3. Can I request to be interviewed?

Absolutely, yes. All of our writers are happy to conduct interviews via Skype, phone or email. Just send a quick email stating who you are, what time would suit for an interview, your time zone and what it is you’d like to be interviewed about to info@metalphobia.com
Please Note:
Our writers work on Irish/UK time zones so please bear that in mind. If you’re from America and you’d like an interview at 9pm please realise it will be about 3 or 4am our time… We like to sleep too 🙂

4. I like your site, can I write for you?

Of course! we are always on the look out for fellow writers. Please send a sample of your work to laura@metalphobia.com.

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