Laura Cosheril

Hailing from the Emerald Isle, we have Laura our Countess (or Co-Founder for the more professional folk). Being somewhat of a nomad growing up she’s lived in three different countries and moved in and out of houses more than she can count, 13654372_1757673904448579_7570154102270061340_none thing has remained consistent; her love for life’s darker beauties. Her love of metal started in 2003 and she’s had a love of horror and gore for as long as she can remember.
When she’s not sacrificing a baby goat to the Dark Lord she likes to spend her time listening to music and writing, and it was with these interests that Metalphobia was born. She has a slight background in music and film journalism but never felt truly happy making someone else’s dreams come true. So one day, while on the phone with Co-Founder and partner in crime, Craig the Metalphobia idea was born and they decided to blend all their interests into one Hellish and Creepy blog.


From Laura’s writing you can expect brutal honesty with a heavy dose of dark humour. Being a nauseating mix of Morticia Addams and The Hound you can be sure that Laura will deliver a brutally honest and mildly entertaining piece of writing. It takes a lot to impress her, so approach with caution and enjoy the roller coaster ride.


One-Stop Crypt For All Things Metal & Horror

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